Description of the most often performed procedure in case of ingrowing toenails

After the local anaesthesia of a toenail (with the solution of 0,5 % lignocaine by using the Oberst meth-od), the nail plate will be narrowed by the width, on which it was ingrowing (usually around 1-2 mm), and the nailfold will be shrunk, so it will be located below the nail plate.

The inflammatory granulation with the edge part of toenails matrix in the place of narrowing will also be evaporated.

There will be no stitches after procedure, only a special dressing, which forms the shape of toenail, from the steri-strip patches.

The first change of this dressing, which takes place few days after the procedure ( we arrange the date of a visit individually) requires experience, so we recommend making it in our centre, or we can give a de-tailed instruction to a person, who decided to make the first change of this dressing.

Examples of pic-tures before and after the treatment of ingrowing toenail can be seen on the pictures in the gallery.